IRREVERSIBLE and Brisky Gallery Present Yvonne Pfeiffer 11/2/13

IRREVERSIBLE & Brisky Gallery Presents Yvonne Pfeiffer
Opening Reception Nov 2, 2013- 7pm
YvonnePfeifferBrisky Gallery
130 NW 24th St
Miami, FL 33127

In the face of death we are all equal, we are all “Calacas”

Yvonne Pfeiffer “Calacas Reinvented”: An introspective into the female emotion.

People have come to know Calacas through Day of the Dead celebrations, artistic relics, tattoos, and ethnic funeral ceremonies. But the calaca’s origin can be found in Aztec roots and it represents the ceasing of one’s life and the passing into the afterlife. Calaca is actually a colloquial word for ‘skeleton.’ The calaca is represented by a skeleton that is usually garnished with flowers and painted with bright colors. Various Latin countries have adapted their own meaning to the calaca imagery. In Mexico, the calaca is celebratory and used in festivals where people where masks and festive clothing all inspired by the calaca style. The Mexican calaca generally looks upon death with positivism and optimism. In contrast, in Guatemala their traditional calaca is a bare skeleton usually without decorations or colors which then translates fear and mourning upon the event of death.