Little Havana Art Walk 12/14/12

Little Havana Art Walk
littlehavanaFriday, Dec. 14th – 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm 
Calle 8 between 12th and 17th
Join us for the second Friday of every calendar month for Little Havana Art Walk.  
It promises an evening embracing all of Little Havana, highlighting its art, dining and entertainment.   
Art galleries grand opening reception for:
Art by Ninoska  
Ninoska is an author of several best sellers, she has a passion  for the art and has dedicated her time to produce work full of nostalgia and symbolism of her native Cuba. Full of imagination, her paintings speak thru the live watercolors."For me painting is going back to my lost city", she quotes the Chinese poet Li Po, "I dream that I am home"
Roy Rodriguez Art  
Cuban artist Roy Rodriguez seeks his aesthetic vocabulary and imagination when he uses color and texture to create a sultry palette.His work reflects his native island’s vibrant colors while exploring the exotic. “Art if my passion, I am always fascinated by the rich and translucent textures obtained through various materials and tools”
Galleries / Art
Calle 8 & SW 17th Ave
Mildrey Guillot Fine Art    
Agustin Gainza Art Gallery 
Cremata Gallery      
Obrapia Fine Art Restoration
Unzueta Fine Art     
Molina Fine Art       
Futurama Building
Abdul Delgado Cataneo Art
Alberto de Vegas Gallery
Art by JTW
Art by Ninoska
B.A.D. Brainn Art Gallery 
Maggie Genova-Cordovi Studio       
Penner Studios  
Rafiño Art  
Roy Rodriguez Art 
Santos Fine Art Gallery  
Villamil Art Studio      
Maxoly/Latin Art Core 
Marta G. Ismail Fine Art    
Cuba Ocho Art & Research Center 
Art of Freedom 
Roberto Burle Marx Exhibit
An exhibit of the plans for Miami’s Biscayne Boulevard designed by Roberto Burle Marx will be in the Futurama Building until Dec. 28th. The implemented project shown on the photograph by Perla Gonzalez is one of Miami’s most important landmarks. Born in Brazil, Roberto Burle Marx (1909-1994) is internationally known as one of the most important landscape architects of the 20th century.  
1637 SW 8th St. Miami Fl 33135