UM Gallery Presents Mariah Fox And Bryan Allen Moore Opening Reception 9/8/12

UM Gallery Presents Mariah Fox And Bryan Allen Moore Opening Reception
Saturday, September 8, from 2pm to 9pm.
The UM Gallery inside Wynwood Building
2750 NW 3rd Avenue, Suite 4

The Department of Art and Art History, in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Miami (UM) is pleased to present an exhibition by Professors Mariah Fox and Bryan Allen Moore at the UM Gallery in the Wynwood art district.

Mariah Fox’s Alphabet of Heroes is a reminder that cultural icons have inspired social change since the earliest of times. This colorful compilation celebrates the imprint of historical and popular artists, thinkers, rebels and revolutionaries. From Geronimo to John Lennon, Fox portrays the greatest and most controversial figures of the 20th century by showing them ready for action, in repose, dreaming, alive. Visitors to the exhibit will see playful mixed media displays combining digital prints, paint, clay and texts honoring the power of the written word.

Bryan Allen Moore’s 10 Years of Thoughts on Landscape represents ten years of work with clay as landscape, with reverence for both the genre of painting and the earth itself. While the artist has been engaged in a conversation about the fragility of the Earth as men have tried to claim ownership over it, the work itself is inspired by the expressive beauty of natural materials both out-of-doors as well as in the studio. The abstractions presented are raw and powerful, but there is also an impermanent futility that goes with any application of unfired clay to such a historical format. The notion of physically taking possession of the Earth is man’s greatest delusion of grandeur.