ArtSight Gallery ribbon cutting ceremony with Mayor Jim Cason 1/6/12

ArtSight Gallery ribbon cutting ceremony with Mayor Jim Cason
January 6 at 6:30 pm
ArtSight Gallery
1524 Ponce de Leon Blvd
Coral Gables, Fl 33134

ArtSight Gallery cordially invites you to the opening reception and Ribbon cutting ceremony with Mayor Jim Cason during the Gallery Night Walk

ArtSight Gallery is the newest addition to the Coral Gables gallery scene. It is an alliance of six artists, three painters and three sculptors, who came from varied back grounds and who are united in their desires to share their artwork and to gain more control over its exhibition

The Artists:
Carol Cornelison is a sculptor who works in cast bronze with elements sometimes inspired by fragments of nature found on walks while communing with the world around her. She assembles these elements in her intuitive style.

Barbara O. Davis is an abstract painter interested in conveying emotions through the use of line, form, movement and color. She is currently working with poetry, combining script with these elements.

Adolfo Parrado is an oil painter who works realistically from nature. His sensitivity to color and skill in handling transparent layers of oil creates a sense of serenity and a consciousness of the beauty that surrounds us.

Freda Tschumy is a sculptor interested in the emotional and psychological expressiveness of form, structure, both geometric and natural forms of flow in nature and in molten wax.
David Valiente is a sculptor and clinical psychologist, intrigued by human nature with all of its vulnerabilities and polarities. His work is an attempt to capture these qualities in bronze and stone.

Marilyn Valiente is an artist whose paintings are an emotional and psychological response to color and light. Her watercolor painting pushes the limits of the medium to create passages of unique colors and textures.

Information via Art Circuits

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