Breaking and Entering Art Walk 12/10/11

Breaking and Entering Art Walk
December 10 2011, 5-10 pm
2412 N Miami avenue

Pop International Galleries and UR New York Present: “Breaking & Entering” a solo exhibition featuring over 60 new original works by Mike “2esae” Baca & Fernando “Ski” Romero.

A true demonstration of versatility and skill. Each piece tells a story of our lives,struggles and environments.

Refreshments by Liquid Lightning and Milagros tequila.

During the week of Art Basel Miami Beach 2011, Breaking And Entering, presented by POP International Galleries, will be a demonstration of UR New York’s vast range and ability to continuously produce groundbreaking urban inspired art. The exhibition and LIVE installations will take place at 2412 North Miami Avenue in the Wynwood District. Artists Michael Baca – aka “2ESAE” and Fernando Romero aka “SKI” are committed to “breaking and entering” into the mainstream – letting their art loose on the world, all the while breaking the status quo and entering the art world on their own terms — offering intensely personal and vibrant works with universal appeal.

UR New York tells the stories of a new generation of artists. They are talented urban and street creators generally hidden in the shadows and more often than not arrested and punished for expressing their talents. Exhibiting in shows and collaborations globally, with companies such as Nike, VH1, and Pop International, these two authentic, skillful and versatile artists disrupt the stereotype of struggling artists. Rather than hide in obscurity, Baca and Romero break and enter into the professional art world. Breaking And Entering will be the first time they will present an entire solo collection making them some of the first artists ever to sponsor their own show in Miami around Art Basel in the Wynwood District.

Breaking And Entering has pieces inspired by experiences of traveling the world and interacting with people who have touched their lives. UR New York returns home from their travels, with an approach to art that relies heavily on their New York City heritage and the people and cultures abroad to which they’re paying homage. The artists will be releasing over twenty limited edition miniature trucks which they have painted to mimic the life-size NYC trucks they painted last year. There will also be merchandise so that exhibition visitors exit with mementos of their gallery experience.

The gallery will remain open through December 15th.

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