Live Performance by Viking Funeral at Fredric Snitzer Gallery 10/8/11

Live Performance by Viking Funeral
Saturday 8:30pm
Fredric Snitzer Gallery
2247 NW 1st Place
Miami, FL 33127

Dark Age Ahead is an exhibition based loosely on Jane Jacobs’ 2004 book “Dark Age Ahead”. In this book, the author characterizes a dark age as a “mass amnesia where even the memory of what was lost is lost.”
Taking Jacobs’ text as a starting point, sculptures and works on paper have been fabricated to further explore the themes of decay and abandonment in contemporary media and culture.

Viking Funeral engages with social conventions and meets pop culture with a counter gesture, when rejection and refusal merge with forms of chaos and defacement. Their media and products evolve from pop societies and their determining social systems of order. These social systems do not only serve as conceptual starting points, but also as artistic tools. Materials and objects from the everyday cultural production like newspapers, magazines, TV, video, Internet, spray paint, tape and markers play a central role in their language.