Dear Joint Budget Commission and Miami-Dade Delegation: Ease Cuts To The Aquatic Preserve Program

On May 20th, 2011, this article ran in the Miami Herald.

Environmentalists fight plan to weaken protection of Biscayne Bay
A legislative proposal would cut funding for an office that works to preserve Biscayne Bay.

In response, the letter below or one similar addressed to the politicians has been circulating. We at Soul Of Miami support the position of protecting the Bay for both environmental and economic reasons.

Dear Joint Budget Commission and Miami-Dade Delegation:

I am writing to express my deep concern with proposed budget cuts to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Aquatic Preserve program. I respectfully request your consideration of the vital role this department plays in the critical maintenance and protection of Florida’s most pristine coastal and marine resources. These resources serve our local economies as the key economic drivers to our fishing, tourism and recreational economies that provide billions of dollars to our citizens and our state each year.

I read the Miami Herald article on the front page of the Local section and understand that Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve office in particular will be defunded. Our aquatic preserve supports a multi-million dollar commercial fishery and recreational tourism like fishing charters, diving, ecotours, kayaking and other revenue-generating activities. The bay has come a long way because of the management its been afforded and I want my tax dollars to continue to support this nationally-recognized and much-visited resource. Here is a link the the article–I ask that you read it and take this under consideration.

Personally speaking, as a concerned and responsible citizen of this city and planet, I depend on the health and vitality of our waterways to maintain my lifestyle. I understand the importance of preserving our precious coastlines and world renowned natural resources. I realize budget cuts are inevitable in these economically sensitive times, however, short-term budget cuts to CAMA could lead to potentially devastating long-term effects on our economy and lifestyle, as well as our future and that of the children.

Sincerely yours,
James Echols
Annette Peikert
Soul Of Miami

Please feel free to copy the above and customize it to your own usage and send it to the appropriate elected and appointed officials.

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