Free Walking Tour of Lincoln Road 2/12/11

Miami Beach Botanical Garden Presents 50 Years of ‘Green & Growing’ Lincoln Road Walking Tour
Saturday, February 12, 10AM to Noon

Join Garden guides in a free walking tour of Lincoln Road Pedestrian Mall focusing on the trees, plants, and architectural visions of Morris Lapidus and Raymond Jungles. Gather at 10AM on Lincoln Road at Washington Avenue.

Developed by pioneer Carl Fisher about 1912 as a grand vehicular avenue for the fledgling community of Miami Beach, Lincoln Road, it was not until the early 1960’s that the legendary Morris Lapidus turned it into a pedestrian mall. His design included gardens and fountains, a distinctive black and white strip pattern on the sidewalks, an amphitheatre, and structures that he called ‘follies.’

In 2010, the 1100 block of Lincoln Road at Alton Road also became a pedestrian mall with a contemporary design by landscape architect Raymond Jungles. While mirroring elements of the Lapidus design, Jungles surrounds a central plaza with water gardens that contain mangroves and a variety of Florida native trees, palms and grasses. Wide stripes of ‘Pedra Portuguesa’ in black and white are a modern version of painted cement. A landscape architect from Raymond Jungles Inc. will lead the tour of the 1100 block.

Shake Shack will provide refreshments at the end of the tour.

Photos by Steven Brooke