Harold Golen Gallery Presents Transylvania By Artist Chris Dean 1/8/11

January 8th, 7-11pm
Harold Golen Gallery Presents: Transylvania By Artist Chris Dean
An Eye-Popping 3D exhibit, that is not to be missed !
2294 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, Fl 33127
Wynwood Art District

Opening Night:
January 8th, 7-11pm
Show runs Jan 8th- Feb 5th

TRANSYLVANIA is a series of 3D lenticular images that reflect on ideas of transformation and acceptance in the context of Detroit’s troubled landscape, using the unusual medium of lenticular holography to create multi-layered, hypercolor images with stunning depth and motion qualities. Dean creates illusions that make objects appear to levitate, shimmer and move as viewers walk by. Though lenticular images have a fifty year history of kitch and commercialism the technology is used by Dean in an exciting way that takes full advantage of the medium’ s potential.

The content focuses on Dean s relationship with the troubled city of Detroit and the concept of transformation in the city but also as a universal truth. “Stability is an illusion” , Dean says in the opening paragraph of the show s statement. This theme gets played out in the exhibit’s eleven 3′ x 4′ pieces where robots, rainbows and prostitutes seem caught in an inexplicable metamorphous, as Dean would say all things are. The photographically based pieces are brightly colored and temper the sometimes gritty content with an element of humor and otherworldliness.