Rock Da Funk Ron D (re)Birthday and A Great Cause Viva Sofia 12/20/10

Monday, December 20, 10:00pm
1805 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL
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Please Come On All Out To support this amazing Event!
Featuring the Birthday Celebration of Ron D*8*Lim and supporting an amazing Cause to save Sofia Lumi a 31/2 year old girl needing a Liver Transplant! This is the first Event jointly with the National Foundation for Transplant (NFT) in Honor of Sofia Lumi

Sofia Lumi Bentos was born January 8th, 2007. She was just 2 months old, as a horrifying diagnosis, her life dramatically and forever changed…
Her liver had a deficient Biliary Atresia and she went to surgery in March 2007 at the Miami Children’s Hospital. To give her a chance to survive, she needed special care, regular Hospital visits, medications and repeated Blood transfusion, to maintain her hemoglobin levels… Even so it was obvious, that soon or later she needs to undergo a liver transplant, and so to live…

Sofia’s life was not done yet with tragedy and as her journey developed, the parents split, due a reckless, negligent, disrespectful and abusive father… Sofia was more isolated and only her mother’s faith and hope kept her alive. By end 2008 things were about to change for Sofia and her mommy Sanna Vaarna… Love was on its way! Sanna Vaarna a native from the artic Circle – Finland, is a Music Academy pianist-songwriter, and at that time in search, even with the conditions of Sofia to follow her dream, creating and writing Music!

December 2008, I met Sanna Vaarna and her daughter Sofia. Immediately I fell in love with this fun and bright child… We were excited and full of hopes, yet the biological father continued to deceive Sofia by not sharing her new found family by denying, Child support and even we tried to keep a fair and genuine relationship to his daughter, his relation to her eventually faded away…

Sofia is a bright, quirky, creative and full of life little girl. She speaks English, Spanish and Finnish. She knows the ALPHABET and writes and spells words! She’s also drown to the piano and plays the songs ‘Twinkle – Twinkle’, ‘Brother Jacobs (Frere Jacques – French)’ and ‘Happy Birthday’… all that at 31/2 years of age!

In August 2010, Sofia’s Varicous succumbed, and she underwent a scope and banding surgery.
Sofia’s conditions worsened, by the discovery of suspected Tuberculosis spots on her liver which, were previously detected by the Miami Children’s Hospital, but they regarded it as benign …
The New more in depth Analysis at the Jackson Memorial Hospital revealed, it was better to cure it. So since the past 5 months Sofia has been taking 10 medications and 2 IV’s, 24 hours around the clock to cure her acute infection due her liver ceasing completely to work.

Sanna and I have put all our strength to overcome the afforded care and more… Our Sleep shrunk to an average of barely 3 hours a night… We finally overcame the Tuberculosis, and now Sofia is back actively on the Liver Transplant list!

The Tremendous efforts and also the psychological pressures are not avoidable, and in search to surmount all financial issues related to the Transplant procedures, we have joined the National Foundation for Transplants (NFT). Together we will work to raise funds to cover the amazing cost for the pre, during and post transplant –related expenses. The National Foundation for Transplants (NFT) is a national charity dedicated to organizing and guiding communities in raising funds for transplant-needy patients. Hand in Hand and also with your help, we will work together to reach our first Goal and raise an amount of US $ 25,000.00