Art Basel Day 6-Wynwood, a different kind of art with a bit of Design District By Betty Alvarez

It was my first time after a long time that I was on NW 2nd Avenue in Wynwood. I have heard from my friends that it is a very cool place for art. I never knew the immense talented artists who displayed their works for that night.

The difference from the rest of the areas I have visited was the political artwork that was on display. A lot of artists were not shy in expressing their opinions through art. The many unique mediums on different types of platforms also amazed me. The location of many art installations were equally unique as some installations were displayed on murals, walls, etc. One example is the Wynwood wall. Located almost behind the newly opened Wynwood Kitchen and Bar, the walls served a gigantic canvases to the masterpieces that was presented in each wall.

One gallery that was notable to me was Claudia Calle Studio. In the studio, the artists unveiled ChinaMan, an interactive new media installation modeled after the iconic Pac-Man arcade game. She bluntly tackled lthe paradigm of global consumption using her installation as an allegory. ChinaMan illustrated how every day, individual actions contribute to facets of Chinese mass production and ultimately, to society’s collective waste.

Another notable gallery is the indistinguishable Miguel Paredes Gallery. Seeing his works on VIP Opening Night at The National Hotel made me eager to see his Wynwood gallery. Obviously, there were more of his works with grafitti artists. The gallery is a nice cozy place with ample room to see all of the current exhibitions in the middle of Wynwood. A very nice addition.

Speaking of graffiti artists, they made their presence known that night as they expressed their art in every colorful way. I event passed by the artists creating their own masterpiece, it was very intriguing how they could create their expression out of their head. It made me feel a great respect for these artists.

After my walk in Wynwood, I headed back to Design District where a great art party was already underway. Baltus Collection Showroom along with Miami Magazine was hosting their “Celebrity Pillow Fight” party. It was an evening of signature cocktails, culinary delights, lively entertainment
and a silent auction featuring Baltus throw pillows designed by celebrities including Sarah Pettiford, Prince Mario Max of Schaumberg-Lippe Austria, artists, designers and many more.

This year, I really enjoyed Art Basel and the many wonders it gave me as an art lover. I got to enjoy and photograph as many art galleries, art fairs and parties the best that I could. I felt that my need to see art has been satisfied. As I looked back at past years, Art Basel keeps getting better and better. Until next year!!

Photographs by Betty Alvarez