Eleazar Delgado debuts Behind the Lights 11/27/10

Multimedia, Miami-Based Artist, Eleazar Delgado debuts his Miami-Inspired collection “Behind the Lights”
November 27, 7:00pm
Broadway Art & Framing
7226 Biscayne Boulevard Miami, FL 33138 | (305) 754-1773

Behind the Lights: Miami, a Narrative of Miami’s Story as Portals

Behind the Lights is the multimedia journey through different design disciplines. Architecture, design, and art unite to reveal the innate transparency of self in art. Created in Miami and inspired by the same, the prolific work of Eleazar Delgado’s Behind the Lights collection is a true mirror image of the beauty and complexity behind Miami’s history.

Born in Oklahoma, raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Eleazar has studied Architecture and Interior Design. Eleazar Delgado has gone back to his origins, his inner voice; epic painting was the earliest fascination. Behind the Lights explores the relationship between history and art, fully illustrating the story of those who fashioned the Miami we know today. Pulling from this range of discipline, he uses bold, bright colors, geometric patterns, as his epic oil paintings take on a kinetic, 3-dimensional life.

His work illuminates a story, using native symbols of plants, animals, landmarks and Miami’s visionaries who had the vision to see behind the wilderness. Their enthusiasm and courage inspired this collection. “Each subject chosen for this collection was a door to Miami’s development and enrichment,” says Delgado. “My work illuminates portals to expose the beautiful way color and light shape the relationship of Miami’s visionaries with the Magic City. In a second of abundant light your vision is impeded, causing you to squint. It is in that second glance that the story is revealed,” he continues.

Broadway Art is elated to present Eleazar’s debut collection Behind the Lights on Saturday, November 27th, 2010 at 7pm. Kenny Beck says, “As an artist and a gallery owner, I have never seen anyone approach a collection having Miami as a historical reference”. The work itself is remarkable and each piece tells a story of how Miami came to be.

For more information please visit www.EleazarDelgado.com or contact jennylee@jl-pr.com

Eleazar Delgado
A seasoned professional in the areas of architecture and interior design, US born, Venezuelan raised and Miami based Eleazar Delgado has taken his Miami inspired vision, applying his research of reading between the lines and seeing behind the lights to present oil paintings as a 3-dimensional story. More info at www.EleazarDelgado.com.

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