Artformz 3 Opening Reception 11/13/10

Artformz presents the exhibition “3”
Opening Reception with the Artists
2nd Saturday Wynwood Art Walk
Saturday, November 13, 2010
7:00pm – 10:00pm
artformz alternative
171 nw 23rd street miami, fl 33127

Alette Simmons-Jimenez
“Booby Traps, 1 & 2”
Randy Burman
“The Art of Destruction”
Rosario Bond
“Diary of a Shopaholic, I”

Artformz November exhibition presents the work of artists Rosario Bond, Alette Simmons-Jimenez, and Randy Burman. The 3 artists will present painting, installation and audience participatory works, all exploring 3-dimensional form. Bond’s work addresses conceptual alliances centered on women’s cultural condition. Her new series “Diary of a Shopaholic” involves many layers of discourse through which the artist explores states of consumerism, obsessions with beauty, and society’s all encompassing desire for fashion. Her wall-works fuse installation, sculpture and painting, placing them into the emerging realm of “expanded painting”. Artist Simmons-Jimenez will also exhibit works in the main space presenting new works in paintings and 3-dimensional objects, continuing her series referencing cages and forms of entrapment. The works allude to human conditions of greed, sexuality, power, beauty, death, and decay. The series of small objects titled “Booby Traps” gives visitors a sample of the artists wit and her love for the absurd. Sardonically redefining iconoclasm as the destruction of sacred images or monuments of art, Randy Burman invites visitors to play a significant personal role by participating in the creation of new art through the destruction of old art. Visitors entering the Project Room at Artformz are confronted with Burman’s provocative, manifesto proclaiming, “Old art must die in order for new art to be born”. Referencing Rauschenberg, when accused of vandalism, he defended his action by explaining that he was exploring a new kind of creative act — making a work of art through the unmaking of another. At Artformz Burman’s intention is to metaphorically and demonstratively transform the visitor’s experience from one of passive observation and contemplation, to a participatory role, where the visitor replaces the art elitist’s contrived experience with active engagement in the creative process. The artist’s work easily engages the audience and creates a dialogue into the politics of art making.

Artformz was founded in 2004, and as a collective group focuses on the development of compelling ideas and projects submitted by artists and curators. It is Artformz mission to allow artists room to create without pressures of market, trend, or establishment pressures. Artformz cultivates a spirit of professional collaboration that seeks to open doors and foster creative exchange and intellectual dialogue.