Spa at Shore Club Announces New Corporate Athlete Treatment

A new brand of athlete has emerged as identified by lead therapist at the Spa at Shore Club in South Beach, Christian LaSalle. Like professional sports athletes, the corporate athlete is called on by their employer to produce results in environments with uncomfortable chairs, high amounts of stress and increased tension caused by irregular sleeping patterns. The Corporate Athlete Treatment, a 60-minute massage featured only at the luxurious Spa at Shore Club is the answer to these problems and focuses on the head, neck and shoulders to mitigate discomfort from the following sources:

– Blackberry and PDA usage
– Laptop computer use or improper height of desktop computer screen
– Carrying heavy purse/bag on shoulder
– Crimping the telephone between ear and shoulder
– Unhelpful sleep posture

The specialty service costs $125 for 60 minutes or can be purchased in a series of 5 sessions for $500 and includes customized massage therapy and stretching for maximum benefits. The Spa at Shore Club is located at 1901 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL. Reservations can be made at 305.695.3293.