Greg Pitts show at GAB Studio 8/14/10

“The Gates of Hell” is this month’s featured abstract art by Greg Pitts-The Black Jackson Pollock
This abstract artwork, as well as 2 additional new creations by Greg Pitts, can be viewed throughout the month of August at the GAB Gallery.
The monthly Art Walk
Saturday, August 14, 2010 from 7pm to 11 pm
The GAB Studio, 105 N.W. 23rd Street. Wynwood Art District, Miami

Greg Pitts, “The Black Jackson Pollock” created this masterpiece after an encounter with a late night televangelist.

“It was late one night and I was up, flipping through the television channels. There was one particular preacher on TV and he kept talking about judgment and sin, damnation and hell. It seemed that he was on a mission. I changed the channel and the same evangelist was on yet another channel…with the same message. It inspired me.”

The artist build the frame himself, stretched the canvas and began a project that took him over 2 weeks to finish.

“I mixed the colors in the background to obtain what I envisioned the underworld to look like. The faces are faces the souls who were unable to escape.”

Mr. Pitts also used a special technique that lends texture to the piece. “I did that because I think souls do not lose their sense of touch…to look at the painting makes you feel hot and to touch it, you get the perception of being pricked”