Impact at Hardcore Art Contemporary Space 8/14/10

August 14, 2010, 7Pm-10Pm
Hardcore Art Contemporary Space
3326 North Miami Ave,
Miami, FL 33127

HACS proudly presents local sculptor Troy Simmons’s IMPACT, Julie L. Friel’s TAR & FEATHERED and a collaboration piece, DEAD SEA, by Julie Friel, Nicky Cassinera, Rochi Llaneza and Tita Castro.
The common thread in these exhibits is recent environmental issues.
IMPACT will cover environmental issues such as over development, reforestation, pollution, and conservation. “Impact” is a series based on the harshness of human existence and the beauty taken from nature. A relationship overcome with strife, yet yielding forgiveness by the balance for coexistence. Coveting space, in a tantalizing expression told through the eyes of a sculptor.
As stated by the artist Friel, “Tar and Feathered” “is about the tragic loss of the natural habitat of the plants, and animals in the Gulf of Mexico. This oil spill is not only about the loss of various species, but it is about the loss of a way of life for the people that inhabit these shorelines. And to me, it is the loss of a childhood journey.”
DEAD SEA is a collaborative installation addressing the current ecological issues triggered by the oil spill in the Gulf and its effect on or way of life.
Also showing though September, German-born Manuela Covini’s embroidered work.

The Exhibit is on display from July 10, 2010 through September 4,2010