Tango Workshop with Claudio Asprea 7/10/10

Tango Workshop with Claudio Asprea
July 10 2010, 1 pm
Czech-Slovac Club
13325 Arch Creek Road
North Miami, FL
727 678 2247
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GUIDED PRACTICA 2:30 – 4:00PM – $15
Workshop with Practica $25

Connection with the music: Musicality.
Exploring your tango musicality. Playing with the rhythm & interpreting the musical phrase.
Dancing the pauses. Embellishments with musicality.

Everything about the turns.
The followers perspective while doing the sequence of the turn.
Understanding the leading to start and finishing a turn.
Accelerating the turn. Alteration of the sequence of the turn.

Milonga with traspie.
From the simplest to the most complex combinations to have fun with the most playful dance: milonga with traspie !

More Info: www.actango.com.ar
Reservations: Sofia @ 727 678 2247

Once in a lifetime Claudio Asprea is coming all the way from Buenos Aires, Argentina to teach you the right moves to be able to feel like a tanguero (tango person) and be able to express yourself in that manner!!
Don’t miss out and call to reserve!
727 678 2247 – Sofia