Art Nouveau Presents 7 Deadly Sins 6/16/10

Art Nouveau Presents 7 Deadly Sins
June 16th 2010, 8pm til 3am
The Lounge
517 Clematis St.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

What’s your sin???
Envy? Greed? Lust? Pride? Gluttony? Wrath? Sloth?
Paintings, Jewelry, Photography, Sex Toys,Stencil Art, Plush, Music, Tarot, Alcohol, Food, Burlesque Shows, Body Painting! Name your vice, we will have it!

This live art group show of all mediums will feature over 20 artists creating & displaying their 7 Deadly Sins works!
SWANKY’S BBQ will have some tasty food in the patio! (veggie options available for non-meat eaters)

Confess your sins at the “Confession Bar”!
Confessional BOOTH videotaped for Art Project by: Jessica Alvarez
For those driven by LUST – Burlesque shows by Brass Knuckle Bombshells & Live Body Painting by Devious Body Art: 7 models, each a different sin
Be a GLUTTON – 7 different specialty sin drinks to pick from or be a SLOTH and let someone else pick it for you!
Be PROUD & display your sin by picking your sin name tags at the front door!
Be GREEDY and buy lotsa cool art, jewelry, & photography!
Suffer the WRATH of DJ Josh Daniel as he spins rockin’ beats all night!
You’ll ENVY those that come to the show if you don’t!

Artists Include:
Kris Starry – Photography
JR Linton – Painting
Amanda Linton (With Sugar On Top) – Cupcakes and Jewelry
Polly Peachums – Mixed Media
Sharonna Misha – Switch Plates and things
Jessica Alvarez – Mixed Media
Adolfo Bacigalupo – Spray Paint Stencil Art
Dennise Rodriguez – Plush characters
Amy Love – Multimedia
Angela Tronick – Photography
Becky Osborne-Phillips – Multimedia
Migdalia Pace – Multimedia
Ryan Woodruff (Kiss My Glass)- Glass Blown Necklaces/Jewelry
Heather Strode Calma (Heather’s Pleasures) – Intimate “LUSTY” goods
Noell Desiree – Jewelry
Tara Hauck – Photography
Katya Neptune- Mixed Media
Agata Ren – Painter
Joshua Surprenant – Multimedia
Adam Sheetz – Ink Drawing
Craig McInnis – Painter
Vulva Love Lovely – Vulva ART!
Katharine Yarbrough – Jewelry
Jake Lawson – Stencil Art
Zak Kernan – Mixed Media
Teresa Korber ( Curator) – Painter

Georgette Pressler – Body Painting
Tina Costello – Tarot Card Reading
MAGIC by Karl Koppertop!
Melrose Telles from DK space doing hair for models!
Performance by “Anita Buffet”

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