Fredric Snitzer Gallery Expands Opening 6/12/10

Fredric Snitzer Gallery Expands
2247 NW 1ST PL Miami
Opening, Saturday, June 12th, 2010 7pm to 9pm

We are pleased to announce that Fredric Snitzer Gallery has expanded its current gallery space with an additional 3,500 sq. ft. viewing space and storage.

The new space consists of five exhibition rooms, which allow us to rotate our artists and give them exclusive spaces to exhibit their works. The front space will also be used at times for showcasing new talent and group exhibitions

In our upcoming inaugural opening we will have exhibition spaces dedicated to Luis Gispert, Michael Vasquez, Loriel Beltran and Bert Rodriguez. As well as works by Jonathan Pylypchuk, Diego Singh, Alice Aycock and Jacin Giordano on view

Please join us to view our current group exhibition “Paper” at our main space consisting of works by Terence Koh, Alice Aycock, Cristina Lei- Rodriguez, Jonathan Bock, Gavin Perry, Loriel Beltran, Yasue Maetake, Cooper , and Diana Al-Hadid.