Art Gallery and Gypsy Jam at GAB Studio 6/12/10

Saturday, at 7:00 PM, Coffee House Gypsies is having a very special event at GAB Art & Design Studio
105 NW 23rd Street Miami, FL 33127,
Check them out online at

We are having an art exhibit featuring some uber-talented artists who have teamed up with The CHG Band to raise money for Camillus House. Each artist is donating pieces to exhibit and sell/auction and profits will go to Camillus House to help feed the homeless right here in Miami! So yeah, tell your art-loving friends about this show! And you know your distant aunt who loves collecting art? Bring her along too!

There will be acoustic/unplugged live musical entertainment… very chilled and coffeehouse-like. The style? folk-rock/alternative/bi-polar pyschadellic acoustic-pop (provided by The Coffee House Gypsies)

At the end of the night CHG will lead an open jam with full-audience participation, so bring your singing voices and your acoustic/unplugged instruments with you! (sorry! nothing electric, nothing requiring amplification, and nothing that is “plugged-in” allowed… this is strictly acoustic and unplugged! If you are a keyboardist then grab your baby nephew’s toy piano and get ready to make music with it!)

Any local bands or singers wanting to come with acoustic/unplugged gear and jam with the CHG
is welcome to hop in at the end of the night and play/sing along on songs. Audience participation
is also expected and encouraged, as always, so get drunk and sing along, everybody!!

There will also be a drum circle led by one of the gallery hosts (at the end of the night) so be ready to FEEL the rhythm as well as the art! Bring your percussion goods! Its gonna be a lot of fun and for really good cause, so we hope to see you there!

PS- Don’t forget to download your free music at
and check out the new concert videos at the CHG YouTube channel!