Lee Materazzi Feels Like Home Solo Exhibition at Spinello opening reception 5/8/10

Lee Materazzi | Cheerios [2010] | Self Portrait Series | C-Print | Edition of 5 | 26″ x 35.5″
SPINELLO GALLERY: 155 NE 38th Street, No. 101, Miami, Florida – 33137
SOLO DEBUT: Lee Materazzi | “Feels Like Home”
OPENING RECEPTION:Saturday, May 8th, 7-10pm

Spinello Gallery is proud to present the much-anticipated solo exhibition of Lee Materazzi, “Feels Like Home.” The multidisciplinary event features a suite of “self portrait” photographs, video, and interactive sculpture. This will be Materazzi’s second solo exhibition with Spinello Gallery.

Materazzi visually manipulates everyday occurrences to explore the more complex and emotional relationships that are developed through repetition and time. Materazzi explains, “I am attracted to the chaotic and dysfunctional associations that are harbored and displaced within routines and the psychological impact that they can bring into our day-to-day life.” This challenge of structure and establishment ironically references movements such as The Situationists and Fluxes. There is an attempt to break out of conformity, though in the end, the work implies defeat. The struggle posed by the subject displays their vulnerability and becomes a self inflicting conflict encapsulated in a moment of time.

“Feels Like Home,” includes photographs & videos in which Materazzi captures her mother; likewise, the artist is captured by her mother. What Materazzi calls, “Self Portraits”, the images specifically examine the everyday practices that Materazzi has acquired from observing her mother. The particular routines that have been dramatized are domestic rituals such as baking a cake, doing the laundry or making a sandwich. The manipulation of these actions simultaneously accepts and rejects them. By allowing the roles to physically overcome the subject there is a sense of failure, yet the initial choice to alter them in such a way is a revolution. In addition to Materazzi’s photo series and video works, viewers are allured by a domestic icon titled “Mother”; an on-site washing machine anxiously waiting to be used. Materazzi insists that “Mother” is here for your dirty laundry.

Don’t leave home without it!
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 8th, 2010 / Exhibition through June 5th, 2010.

Spinello Gallery prides itself in exhibiting intelligent works of art in every medium by contemporary local Miami emerging artists. Spinello Gallery has become the playground for unorthodox and experimental artists who don’t easily fit into the confines of the traditional gallery space. Spinello Gallery is steadily making headway in the Miami Art Scene and beyond becoming a contender in the Art World.

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