Caribe George Rodez exhibition at CocoWalk Coconut Grove Gallery Night 5/1/10 Gallery
CoCoWalk – 3015 Grand Ave., Ste. 237
Coconut Grove, FL 33133
Following a very successful trip to the 32nd Annual International Art Expo New York this past month, I am extremely happy to announce that my artwork can now be found in one of Miami’s most unique neighborhoods, Coconut Grove. Now on the second floor of CocoWalk you will find Gallery. This will also serve as my working art studio.

Join us on Saturday, May 1, 2010, during Coconut Grove Gallery Night from 7 to 10pm, as I present “Caribe” (kÉ™-ˈrÄ“-bÄ“), a retrospective exhibition of my Caribbean works; a search of my culture and roots, in the main gallery.

Cuba’s past comes alive in Caribe. The images come to life with bold, vivid colors like that of the stained glass windows of old Cuban architecture. I use subjects and images that would normally be used in folkloric Cuban paintings and give them a modern pop-ish twist. What I accomplish in creating this body of work is a sense of voyaging back to Cuba, transforming it, and making it fresh and new, as if never touched by 51 years of stagnation. The works act as a defibrillator bringing back to life the Cuba, Before Castro, and foretelling of the possibilities of a new beginning for the lost island of ruins.

Although I was born in Manhattan, New York, I have found a connection with my heritage and culture by fusing a life-style that I never knew with the modern day existence of the Cuban-American experience in Miami. It is a mixture of the old with the new, the Cuban and the American, the Caribbean and the African, all rolled up into one delicious palette of colors.

A percentage of all sales during the evening will be donated to the American Red Cross’ International Response Fund benefiting Haiti’s recovery.