Temptation Brings Modern French-Style Cabaret to the South Florida Stage 4/24/10

TEMPTATION Brings Modern French-Style Cabaret to the South Florida Stage
Renowned choreographer Kalyn James, Producer Dean Kronacher and Professional Trained Dancers from Around the World

WHO: Producer Dean Kronacher, Choreographer Kalyn James, 7 dancers, 1 aerialist and the Master of Cermonies

WHAT: Temptation Cabaret introduces old-world cabaret to South Florida with this provocative and interactive performance. Temptation’s Master of Ceremonies transports guests from the bustling Hard Rock hotel to the lace-lined streets of 19th century Paris with his theatrical introduction to each act which includes his allusion to past trysts with the seven dancers and aerialist. The suggestive performance features a series of artfully choreographed scenes set to popular music, both old and new. TEMPTATION also features two enthralling routines by the remarkably gifted aerialist who contorts herself mid-air supported only by two satin oversized ribbons. This unprecedented performance is a must-see for all South Floridians looking to be captivated.

WHERE: Temptation Cabaret at Passion Nightclub at Hard Rock
5701 Seminole Way,
Hollywood, FL 33314

WHEN: Every Saturday
Doors open at 8:00pm
Show begins promptly at 9:00pm

For tickets visit www.temptationcabaret.com/tickets
Tickets range from $20-$42.50
Cocktail service available during the show
Private showings available on Fridays upon request