Photographs – Brevards Grand Opening – 3/3/10

Brevards Grand Opening with fashion by Eva Danielle on Wednesday, March 3, 2010.  For the better gallery, click here.


Brevards Gallery celebrates its opening in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. Artist, designer and gallery owner, John Brevard, is currently exhibiting his work and will have a special opening event, invite-only, at the gallery March 3, 2010.

Brevard’s art and design is conceptual, functional and ecological. “Steel and petrified wood series: Merging Economy and Ecology” is made from materials such as, petrified wood (a natural artifact whose age ranges from millions to hundreds of millions of years) and steel to reflect the connection between man and nature and to demonstrate the potential for humanity to merge economy with ecology. His artwork is two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional with pieces such as tables that are interactive and can be rotated for use. Inspired by a deep ecological awareness and transpersonal experience, he uses art to depict his own self-awareness as a means to integrate functionality with aesthetics.

His, “Black and white series: The Death of the False Self” was created to illustrate the deconstruction and expansion of his personality. The drawings are puzzle-like labyrinths of faces and images. He states, “ I processed several deeply transformational states of consciousness experienced between 2001-2005.” and his work echoes those experiences.

Raised in Miami, Florida, Brevard began his journey into the realm of the transcendent through meditation and transpersonal studies. His quest for truth has led him around the world, from the depths of the Peruvian Amazon to the outskirts of Thailand, where he explored the spiritual traditions of indigenous cultures and witnessed their interpretations of sacred states through various forms of art.

Brevard graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor in Architecture and masters in Science and Sustainable Design and Construction. He has combined the experiential insights of his expeditions with his knowledge of sacred geometry and his predilection for ancient, natural artifacts to create a new expression of design, which fosters his awareness of the timeless dimension within. His mission is to understand consciousness, physics and ecology.

When creating his art, he manually extracts his materials using skilled excavators therefore; there is no heavy machinery or disruption to the soil. Also, ten percent of his proceeds from the sales of his artwork are given to sustainable organizations of the buyer’s choice.

Brevards Gallery is located at 2320 N. Miami Avenue, in the Wynwood Arts District. For more information, or to make an appointment with John Brevard, please call (305) 576-5747 or visit

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