ArtCenter/South Florida Opening reception Ritual and Process 2/27/10

ArtCenter/South Florida presents the opening reception for Ritual and Process, a guide to sanity and survival in the soon-to-be-present this Saturday night February 27th, 7-10pm.

From February 26 to March 28, 2010, the 800 Lincoln Road Gallery will be home to a medley of icons from the past depicting – even predicting – the direction of our consumer society. Artists Orlando Estrada, Rosemarie Romero and Kacey Westall Keogh combine their works to comment on the evolution of the human experience. Using their intuition and low-tech media, they focus on the preservation and deconstruction of history, current events and their own frustrations with an uncertain world. The event and exhibit are free and open to the public.

Ritual and Process was conceived as a reaction and reflection to Estrada, Romero and Keogh’s life in the information age. Born into “Generation Y”, their upbringing was marked by pervasive communication devices, mass media and digital technologies in which daily life consists of sensory bombardment, spiritual loss and social alienation. In a culture where the media shapes the sense of reality for many, religion has been replaced by the worship of consumer products, pop icons and photojournalism that according to the artists, illustrates the apocalypse.