Hotel Astor Assists In Directing Global Soap Project Efforts To Haitian Relief

Hotel Astor Assists In Directing
‘Global Soap Project’ Efforts To Haitian Relief

Thousands Of Bars Of Used, Discarded Hotel Soaps To Be Recycled And Delivered To Hatian Earthquake Victims

In an ongoing effort to do it’s part for international aid, the Hotel Astor has been working with a network of hotels across the united states to collect discarded used bars of soap to contribute to the ‘Global Soap Project,’ which recycles the soap and distributes to suffering countries. Today, there are millions of people throughout central and eastern africa, struggling to survive with limited or no access to clean soap and water. The Hotel Astor and the Global Soap Project realizes that without proper hygene and opportunitites for disinfection, the hatian mortality rate will continue to grow. Over 2.6 million bars of soap are discarded daily — just 1 ton of used soaps can be melted down, disinfected and repoured into to making over 10,000 new bars of soap.

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