Holiday Happy Hour for Charity at the Mutiny Hotel 12/17/09

As 2009 comes to a close, it’s a time of reflection, hope and most importantly thinking about those less fortunate. Despite the ups and downs some of us have had this year, nothing feels as good as giving to others…and if we throw in good friends, new friends, old friends….FREE Appetizers and drink specials….really, what more can one ask for?! We’ll even get people to dress up as the Chipmunks and sing Christmas carols just to get you guys in the door!!
Kidding…but did we mention free appetizers and drink specials?!?

Celebrate the holidays and feel GOOD by giving back to charity…
Clean out your pantry and linen closet and come to HAPPY HOUR at the ATCHANA’S EAST WEST KITCHEN at the MUTINY HOTEL in Coconut Grove.
Donations are being collected for the BROWARD HUMANE SOCIETY & MIAMI’S DAILY BREAD FOOD BANK. Please bring (one or more) items from the list below:
· Bath Towels & Wash Cloths (in good condition)
· White towels for the dogs to sleep on in their kennels
· Household Cleaning Supplies – paper towels, liquid dishwasher soap, laundry soap, powder bleach, & paper towels
· Office Supplies – pens, standard staples, scissors, copy paper, markers
· Toys- BIG rubber chew toys for dogs that can be disinfected, ping pong balls for cats.
· Canned goods (for people
· Cash!

6:30-11:00 pm at Atchana’s at the Mutiny in Coconut Grove on Thursday, December 17th.
We’ll have boxes to collect all of your donations. So, come and celebrate the
holidays and feel GOOD by eating and drinking…and giving back to charity!!!