Photographs – Art Basel Week – Saturday 12/5/09

Art Basel Week on Saturday, December 5, 2009.    This was a very busy day so be prepared for a long list.  First we headed up north to the NADA Art Fair at the The Deauville Beach Resort. for our next stop we went to FemmeArt in the MIMO district, this was an all female art show, with some amazing art.    The next stop was at Multiversal at the American Legion Building, we got there before they opened so we only saw one room but what I saw was amazing, wished we had time to go back to see the entire show.  So now we are ready to head back over to Wynwood to the Fountain Art Fair, we did not make it to this fair last year so I was really excited about see it.  I was not disappointed, this was an awesome fair, from the artist to the layout.    Our next stop was Mine by Not Me art fair,  this was in an old warehouse, so the it had a lot of character. Then we headed over to Zones Art Fair, this is a small but has good art. As we where walking back to the car we came upon Camper Contemporary setup in a little trailer, it was so much fun.  By this time we are starving so we head over to the Gastropod Mobile Gourmet, parked at the Miami Independent Thinkers.  The food was really good.     Calix Gustav Gallery was our next stop and this was an amazing show.  Then over to the Satellite Art + Design Exhibition, had to go back by this one again.    Now we head over to Mid-Town to the Desván which was a pop-up gallery displaying the work of several artists., this had some amazing art, I really enjoy this one.     Now back over to Wynwood to Art Whino, as I mentioned before have some AWESOME artist.   And they had a fire dancer perform, always love fire dancers.  As we where driving around figuring out where to go next can come across an graffiti artist and he was amazing, just look at the pictures.  So we kept driving and came across the Saatchi Artist Guerrra De La Paz and we just missed the live performance of Disco Monkey.  But got the see the art and it was so much fun, most of it was make from clothing.   By now we are starving again so this time we head over to Urbanite Bistro, we ordered off of the late night menu and the prices where reasonable and the staff was very nice, they service as a little slow, but we where in no hurry.  The food was really, really good, I want to go back to see what there regular menu looks like.  After eating we walked over to Max Fish, a pop bar for Art Basel bought down here by the O.H.W.O.W. Gallery.  For the better gallery, click here.    By Annette Peikert