Photographs – Art Basel Week – Sunday 12/6/09

Art Basel Week on Sunday, December 6, 2009. For the last day of Art Basel we stated out at the Scope and Art Asia in Wynwood, this is always a good art show and it was again this year. I had not seen enough of  Aqua Art Miami so we head back there for another run through and still one of my favorite shows. We hit some of the smaller fairs around Aqua before heading over to Sculpt Miami. Now we head back over to South Beach to the Miami Beach Convention Center to see a little more of Art Basel, wow it is so big, you can not possible see it all. We go over to see the closing fire works at Ocean Front but just missed it. So this has been a GREAT Art Basel, I really enjoyed it and saw some wonderful art and meet some amazing people.   For the better gallery, click here. By Annette Peikert