Tunes N’ Toons (Sleepless Night 2009) SoBe Institute of the Arts 11/7-8/09

SoBe Arts presents TUNES ‘N TOONS, a quasi qwazy pre-dawn extravaganza of cartoons and live music. Lummus Park Main Stage (8th Street & Ocean Drive – breakfast served at sunrise).
SoBe Arts Chamber Ensemble & SoBe Arts Jazz Ensemble with Montserrat Franco as Betty Boop.
Cartoons at dawn are a ritual American experience. SoBe Arts brings Sleepless Night to a colorful close by celebrating a visual art form that has long embraced both jazz and classical music. A blend of film projections and live performances opens with a late-late cabaret set – one that does not cater to children, veering from comic to provocative and hallucinatory. We welcome the Technicolor dawn skies with hues of the postmodern, orchestral standards twisted and re-imagined into the loony tunes, merry melodies, and irreverent reveries of a golden age of animation.
“It’s the perfect way to start the day – or end the night”