Horacio Sapere Vickie Pierre Carlos de Villasante at Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts 9/12/09

Alternate Combinations You Poor, Sweet, Innocent Thing Short Form
WHEN: Saturday, September 12th, 7:30pm – 10:00pm
WHERE: Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts – 2043 North Miami Avenue – Miami – FL – 33127
T 305.576.1804 F 305.576.1805 info@dlfinearts.com

Alternate Combinations builds on the implication of a long-standing body of work connecting the many threads of this thoughtful painter’s work. While predominantly known as a painter, Sapere has always brought a conceptual approach to the media. He has further worked beyond the confines of the media with sculpture and installation, specifically in the Poet’s Room series, which is an ongoing and somehow never completed project in constant evolution. His engagement in ideas established the field of painting and more spatial modes of representation within the parameters of modes of thought and representation. So for Sapere the act of painting, like the act of writing, is situated within the field of thought and should be understood as a form of thought. In his own terms, painting, like sculpture, can be a form of ‘visual poetry’. – William Jeffett
Horacio Sapere was born Buenos Aires, Argentina. His work has been exhibited widely in Europe, as well as Canada, China, Cuba, Egypt, Korea, Uruguay, Venezuela, the United States. He currently lives and works in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

“Within my paintings and drawings, rubber stamp imprints of fictional female icons are converted into a world where the line between abstraction and representation is blurred. The works are primarily comprised of the dresses of the “three graces” of the fairy tale animation world: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. The repetitive applications and manipulation of the stamped images into clusters and groupings, along with occasional handwritten text, have become the basis of a connective network that alludes to identity, order, sensuality and feminine psychology. The repeated application of these icons also mirrors their mass-produced presence in popular culture. I am drawn to these characters; their underlying themes and their symbolic significance. In appropriating these images and in turn reconfiguring them, I am attempting to create a new meaning (or story). They are now faceless totems, deities, icons of a different caliber that are self-assured, indulgent and independent. These deconstructed and distorted shapes become otherworldly characters with sensual and precious personalities. They are self-contained and self-generating, recalling the abstractions and distortions of flora as well as the human body.”
Vickie Pierre is a Haitian-American artist born in Brooklyn, New York. She received a BFA in Studio Arts from the School of Visual Arts. Pierre relocated to Miami in 1999 and has participated in numerous exhibitions. In 2004, she participated in Transitory Patterns: Florida Women Artists at The National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. Her paintings and works on paper have been exhibited at Art Basel Miami Beach, among other fairs. Collections include the Progressive Art Collection, Cleveland, OH; Millennium Partners Collection of Contemporary Art, The Four Seasons, Miami, FL; and ALFA – Wasserman Collection, Bologna, Italy.

“In theatre, Short Form follows an improvisational spontaneous format. My paintings likewise follow intuitive suggestions, accidents and interventions. I use automatic mark-making to oppose precise graphic representation in my portraits. I then rely on my sensibilities to suggest which next step to take, much like in theatre when the audience’s suggestions guide the performance.”
Carlos de Villasante was born in Mexico City and lives in Sonoma, California, where he is on the painting faculty at Sonoma State University. He received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from the Memphis College of Art. He exhibits his work both in the United States and abroad.
Carlos has taught numerous courses in studio art as well as liberal arts both in MFA and BFA degree programs. He began as a teaching assistant at the Rhode Island School of Design in 1991 and has also taught the Memphis College of Art; the University of Mississippi, Oxford, and New World School of the Arts in Miami. He lived in Miami for several years and was part of the full-time faculty at Miami international University of Art and Design. Carlos is included in the recent book, Miami Contemporary Artists, by Paul Clemence and Julie Davidow.