Life Is Art Fundraising Auction Request

TGIF Everyone!

As you probably know, we have our next big event, Earth Is Art, coming up in just a week on August 22nd! We have a really nice show coming together for you with several south Florida artists, music, food, drinks, performances, and a lot of fun.

You know that Life Is Art is a non-profit, but we still have operating expenses. We put a lot of effort into following our mission of promoting and supporting the south Florida arts community. The response has been incredible, and everyone seems to agree that we are providing needed services.

To help us raise revenue to do more for the community, we are holding an auction and sale at this event. We are asking local businesses and arts lovers to sponsor an item or service for the auction. In addition to supporting the arts, you will receive some nice promotion in exchange. We always work to provide value for the community and all our supporters. We will list your name on the website, in email, on Facebook, and during the event. It is an inexpensive way to get your name in front of potential new customers.

If you are interested in participating, please contact us right away at and we will get you all of the information. If you know of any business that might be interested, please pass this message along to them. Thank you very much!

James Echols
Life Is Art, Inc.