Culture Kings Artist Collective Opening Reception 4/11/09

In 2006 CULTURE KINGS opened its doors in Miami’s Design District as Miami’s premier street/lifestyle boutique. Since its inception CULTURE KINGS has grown from being just a retail space into a cultural hub for Miami’s creative community. On Saturday, April 11th, CULTURE KINGS is launching its newest project the CULTURE KINGS ARTIST COLLECTIVE.
The CULTURE KINGS ARTIST COLLECTIVE was created to help start a change in the seasonal artistic atmosphere that currently exists in Miami by covering contrastive works and introducing the art scene to a new audience at the same time harnessing the energy of the creative community. The artists involved in the collective have both locally and internationally award winning works that are as diverse in subject matter as their cultural backgrounds.
On Saturday, April 11th, CULTURE KINGS ARTIST COLLECTIVE will be opening its doors to the public for its opening reception. The artist currently involved in the Collective consists of Johnny Robles, James and Karla Murray, AS1, CROME, Tatiana Suarez, 131 Projects, Michael D. Walsh, and Jose Mertz. Along with pieces by the collective artist, CKAC will also being introducing an upcoming project entitled “HOME” (Helping Our Mother Earth).
Please join us for the opening of CULTURE KINGS ARTIST COLLECTIVE Saturday, April 11th from 7-10pm. Complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be served from 7-9pm.


A Few Words From CK Founder Chris Oh
For a city that hosts one of the world’s largest art fairs, we are constantly overlooked in today’s modern art world. I feel the artistic energy in Miami is very seasonal and I created the CULTURE KINGS ARTIST COLLECTIVE to try and keep the energy in Miami constant. I found that many artists in Miami hit a ceiling that was only breakable by relocating to another major city, most often New York or Paris. I have no disillusions of turning Miami into the epicenter of the art world. Instead, I want to hopefully start a change that may lead to an awaking in the artistic community that will shift the art world’s perspective on Miami.
In addition to sparking the change in the artistic community I also wanted to introduce a new audience to the fine art world. I found that many people were intimidated to take an interest in Art because they were either unaware or misinformed of the gallery circuit and feared they might not understand a particular artistic concept. The CKAC space holds regular business hours and we invite anyone who cares or wants to take an interest in art to come by and hopefully leave a little more cultured.