Sunfest – 1/2 Price Tickets 4/29/09 – 5/3/09


SUNFEST April 29 – May 3 2009 West Palm Beach Let’s face it with all the bad news, doom and gloom, and pressures, can’t we all use a little break? SunFest is just around the corner! Why pay more when you don’t have to? You’re running out of time, only days left to get the best deal on SunFest tickets $54 for 5 days = $10.80 per day Consider this -It’s hard to go to lunch for $10 a day -A movie costs $9 – The average concert in the area cost $54 for ONE show This is 3 stages, 5 days, more than 50 concerts. It’s a SunFest stimulus with $900 staying in your pocket. If you bought tickets to see concerts for 2009 SunFest performers it would be more than $960. Reward yourself with 50% off the cost of buying admission at the gate with the March Moneysaver deal at TD Bank locations in Palm Beach County.