Mideo M. Cruz – Everything Must Go, J. Valdia – Ten Selves at Edge Zones 3/14/09

March Art Exhibitions Edge Zones Art Space
Opening Reception for the Artists March 14, 2009 8 pm – 11 pm.
Edge Zones Art Space
47 NE 25th St.
Miami, Fl 33137
Tel. 305 303 8852

Live music at 9pm
Mideo M. Cruz – Everything Must Go

Notions of self as nation are currently besieged, their inner gut work sucked out by a voracious globalist zeitgeist funded by large late capital. To cite a potential contribution to one’s national culture would have to be determinedly conceited on mine or Mideo’s part, but, if one might be able to determine such a lofty yet necessarily foundational category, then one would have to support those who have been consistent, bold and willing to sustain its thankless, uphill climb, for all that takes. Mideo Cruz has so far shown himself to be equal to this. The nationalist project of Social Realism in the Philippines, which began in 1975, has found, after the co-opted faltering of Salingpusa and untimely implosion of Sanggawa, an appropriate bridge into the 21st century’s vast, bewildering and fractured terrain in Mideo Cruz and his collective, the new world disorder. Jose Tence Ruiz

J. Valdivia – Ten-Selves

Artist Statement:

As a child I would gaze at other children as mysterious individuals. I have shifted that light onto myself to inspect my identity as a person. One’s body, gender, life paths, and death have all been preoccupations of mine. I’ve noticed a need to create identities accordingly with the yearning to be accepted. With that desire I have suffered, rejoiced, and grown thicker skin to bitterness. I find myself on a dividing path of choice in which we take leaps, steps and falls. With destination in mind similarly to one another, we stand alone within an objective psyche.

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