Harold Golen Gallery Electro-Wonders New show and New Location 3/14/09

Fantastic New Paintings by RYAN HESHKA
March 14th, 7-11pm

2294 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, Florida 33127
(Wynwood Art District)

Ryan Heshka pays homage to Golden Era sci fi pulp while creating a style that is also uniquely his own. He explores themes of man vs nature, (even though often the “nature” is from another world) as well as the exploring the ideology of pushing the limits of science as a tool to help and further mankind, and the technological terrors that can be inadvertently unleashed as a result.

His newer series is also influenced by WW2 era propaganda posters, which demonized the enemy into an cartoonish and evil caricature. Is this case, the “enemy” really is an alien threat and deserving of such treatment!

His work is acrylic painted on wood panel, heavily varnished and embellished with tags cut from pulp magazines, which serve as inspiration and explanation of each piece.

Ryan’s work must be experienced in person, so please come to this special show and see our new location. Originals, Prints, Books, ect… will be available for every budget. See ya there!

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