Tad Carpenter’s Mayhem, Mischief and Monsters Opening 2/28/09

If it is humanly possible join us this Saturday night for the opening of…
Mayhem, Mischief and Monsters: Work from Tad Carpenter

If you’re not local, don’t despair! I will have artwork online on Monday and you can live vicariously through the photos of the opening. :-) Wish you were here!
Tad Carpenter is an illustrator and designer living in Kansas City, Missouri. His work has been seen on clothing, books, magazines, album art, home decor, rock posters & retail graphics. He has worked with the fine folks at Hallmark Cards, Target, MySpace, Vera Wang, Atlantic Records and Kid Robot to name a few.
Tad’s ‘Mayhem, Mischief and Monsters’ show includes twenty different ltd. ed. silkscreen ‘monster mix-up’ prints that empower you to buy a top or a bottom of a particular monster and combine with a totally different monster! So, whether you want a robot head and a scaley bottom or a zombie boy with octopus legs, Tad’s ‘monster mix-ups’ will have you covered!
This show will also include various prints on wood, small paintings and ltd. ed. plate designs by Tad Carpenter.