Pilot Filming For New Tv Show And Art Exhibition 3/4/09

You and all your friends are invited to join us for the Erotic Photographic Exhibition of “Dirtywords” and Audition Nation/Network’s filming of the new Howard Austin Feld reality TV show. Justin’s Wednesday, March 4th, 10pm

CLICK HERE FOR RSVP LIST: images@howardaustinfeld.com

CLICK HERE FOR RSVP LIST: images@howardaustinfeld.com


JUSTIN’s and World Acclaimed Revolutionary Digital Photographer, Howard Austin Feld have joined together to exhibit “DIRTYWORDS Feld’s newest collection. This is a photographic exhibition of erotic images combined with type. Feld will use both a visual presentation as well as actual art in this exhibition. In addition Audition Nation/Network will be filming Howard for an upcoming reality show. Experience this exciting sexy Wednesday night March 4th 10pm at Justin’s Aventura 17813 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura, FL 33160. For table reservation and info call 305 931 1900/305 807 1799?

Feld is recognized in his native city of Miami Beach as well as the world over, for his phenomenal works of art. Feld’s work is unique by virtue of his photography, digital technology and use of color .His trademarked style called Pixelimpressionism is applied digitally to create limited edition works of fine art printed on canvas.

For much of the last thirty years, Howard has owned Miami’s premiere international catalogue studio, and was the first advertising photographer in Florida to go fully digital. The studio is located in Miami and remains one of the largest in the South. Howard’s catalogue studio specializes in fashion, product and illustrated photography.?Howard branched out to his esthetic side and created his own innovative trademark, called Pixelimpressionism. Howard’s artistic style depicts how he sees and interprets color. His color enhancements entice life and display a vision for the eye never seen before. His first signature gallery on Lincoln Road opened in 1996 and his work continues to attract tourists and locals due to the amazing sophistication of his color and black and white photography.

Howard is available for custom personal portraits as well. Never before has portrait photography been captured and presented in such a unique way. Howard will work with you personally to create a work of art that will last a lifetime.

Howard also offers the The Fantastic 4 Photographic Workshops, which are intense, nonstop learning experiences. Assisted by his team of professional photographers, models, computer and Photoshop experts, Howard will teach you everything from basic camera use to advanced lighting. It takes place in his North Miami studio and on location in beautiful South Beach. You will learn how to see differently and how to capture images in fresh and responsive ways. Howard will use your ideas and vision to create your own art for a distinctive portfolio, or to simply enhance your photography skills.?Howard, a South Beach native, continues to reflect his free spirit and energetic lifestyle through his art, portraits and workshops.

12680 Cyprus Road North Miami FL 33181 • 305 888 9999 • 305 632 4638

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