Karu and Y Miami Premiere of Dirtywords with Howard Austin Feld 12/27/08

On Saturday December 27th, 10pm
In Association With
Howard Austin Feld
Invite You To The Miami Premiere of “DIRTYWORDS”
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For over 30 years, Howard Austin Feld has produced photographs from the demure to the erotic. His work has been featured in numerous national and international magazines, TV shows and has clients from around the world. Howard became interested in photography right after high school and in 1980 opened his studio in Miami, Florida. For the last 30 years Howard has owned one of the largest fashion-product catalog studio
in the country. In 1995 he went totally digital and became the first fully digital catalog studio in Florida. Howard’s interests went more towards nudes and erotic portraiture and in 1998 invented what he calls Pixelimpressionism and went on and opened his first Gallery in the heart of the famous South Beach, on Lincoln Road. Howard is recognized in his native home, South Beach, Florida and the world over, for his phenomenal works of art. His photographs are unique by virtue of his use of lighting, color, skin retouching and body shaping. His studio is located in Miami, Florida and his custom built outdoor studio is in his home in North Miami, Florida. For many years, Howard has taught photography workshops, seminars and lectures on the fine art of erotic and nude photography. He has instructed hundreds of photographers from many parts of the world.