Frederic Snitzer Gallery Death By Basel Curated by Agatha Wara and Antonin Gaultier Opening 12/5/08


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Opening Reception December 5th , 7 – 9 PM
The Fredric Snitzer Gallery is
pleased to present DEATH BY BASEL, an exhibition featuring artists from Japan, France, Norway and the US. The exhibition, selected by Agatha Wara and Antonin Gaultier, will coincide with this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach, from December 2 – 7, 2008.

The who-done-it of the Miami art week, or more importantly, what has died or is in the process of coming to an end? Death by Basel is a reaction to the overwhelming commercialization of the art space.

Basel is a symbol of something much greater happening today, the artists in this exhibition are all creating new works exploring themes of excess, consumption, the relation between art and money, auto-destruction, and of course – death. The artists approach these themes with mischievous beauty, questioning the very idea of doing a show during Art Basel Miami Beach.

The works will include video, sculpture and performances throughout the week of the exhibition with several artists exhibiting in the US for the first time.

Chim?Pom – Tokyo / Cyprien Gaillard – Paris / Daniel Newman – Miami / Eirik Saether – Oslo / Eric Pougeau – Paris / Ida Ekblad – Oslo / Item idem – Paris|Tokyo / Jim Drain – Miami / John Riepenhoff – Milwaukee / Ken Kagami – Tokyo / Tai Ogawa – Tokyo / Yamataka Eye – Osaka / Yoshiaki Kuribara – Tokyo