Opening Reception for State of the Union 9/20/08

State of the Union explores interdisciplinary art, addresses social and political concerns, and delves into traditional and experimental concepts in art. Margarita Benitez’s Jacquard weavings tie traditional and contemporary movements together by blending high and low technologies. Utilizing the old skill of weaving in combination with the binary frameset of the Jacquard looms and collecting subject matter from frozen video images at 1/30th of a second addresses several aspects of interdisciplinary technologies by reviewing media’s daily bombardment. Benitez introduces a social and political aspect as well intersected by her selection of media stills. The truth of the imagery allows the audience to contemplate the message the media is feeding the populous.
Opening Reception Saturday, September 20th
ArtCenter/ South Florida Gallery
800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Florida
On view through October 19th