Photographs – What A Week!

What a crazy week this was.

Monday – Went to see Death Race. Recommended if you like fast cars, big explosions and hot bods.

Tuesday – was kind of a bust. Tried to go to Blue Martini in Brickell, but that place is off the list for sure now. Ended up at Red Bar for a quick drink. It’s a cute place, but was empty.

Wednesday – Thanks to our good friends over at Nefarious Girl, we got the heads up to the Ocean Drive Espanol End of Summer Party at the Intercontinental Hotel. Very much fun. Way too much Bacardi (if there is such a thing).

Thursday – Started at ArtVision Gallery for a quick view of their new opening. Then up to a birthday party for a good friend Marcelo.
Then over to Museum of Contempory Art North Miami for their Battle of the Bands. Goofy fun and yummy hot dogs from Dogma.

Friday – Got a little messy. Started with a nice little birthday dinner for our good friend Adriana at Lucky Strike. Always highly recommended. Then we slid on over Lost Weekend for a quick drink. Which turned into a lot more drinks at Blue. So much fun, but OW!

Saturday – we skipped that one.

Sunday – Another birthday party! (Count back 9 months and I think you’ll get a clue as to why there are so many birthday parties around this time.) Nicole had a fun surprise party at someone’s house in Kendall. Crazy blow up water slide and everything.

Monday – Now it is Labor Day and I am catching up on all the stuff I did not have time to do last week.