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16 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Soul of Miami is… the soul of Miami art scene.
    Do you need to know on a regular basis what is going on? Just go to Soul of Miami and join their e-mail list.

  2. I am proud to say how much I respect the work of this amazing POWER duo! I had the pleasure to worked with them in the past, I also participate -when possible- in their events, I am a witness of their commitment, grow and professionalism. I personally wish to be more present but my work is so intense that is so much I can do; however with this opportunity I would like to express how much they mean to me, to us as a whole and how important is the contribution they bring to our art Miami community. Thank you guys!

  3. I LOVE this power couple! In particular the pinnacle collection photos brought me along, at the temple house in 2014!

  4. Thank very much for your kind support to our organization in spread the word about our opera and classic music performances here in Miami.
    Soul of Miami is a great website to contact with the artistic and cultural life of Miami.!

  5. I LOVE this power couple! In particular the pinnacle collection photos brought me along, at the temple house in 2014!.

  6. The Soul Of Miami organization has always given me reliable information on events and performances In South Florida..

  7. Our son Jaylon Ballard performed in the movie Break The Chain as well as wrote some of the music.
    He was a member of this wonderful group Voices United with the founder Ms. Katie Christie Bereng from 2009 as a New World School of the Arts student until Voices United unfortunately relocated to Ashley, South Carolina. We truly miss Voices United.

  8. Thank you guys for your love, dedication and endless support of the arts here in Miami. I can always count on you for an event listing for my clients, and for that I am truly grateful!

  9. “Soul of Miami” is a wonderful tool, both for learning what is doing on the “Arts and Culture” scene and for helping all of us involved in live performing spread the word. James Echols is truly selfless in their desire to see everyone else here succeed, and his work should be supported by all of those who care about the live arts!

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