Public Art Wednesday: Margarita Cano’s Once Upon an Island

Margarita Cano: Once Upon an Island 

Don’t miss this exhibition, which closes on October 31, by an artist who has been an important part of the cultural life of the city of Miami for over 40 years. The exhibit includes paintings, artist books, and videos as well of photographs of friends and colleagues. 

“Once upon an island I was happy. More than half a century ago, I felt free. There was diversity of thought and a renaissance of new ideas flourished. Memories of those times haunt me for they did not last. I am obsessed with recapturing every detail. Transformations of my longing are ever-present in my work. They are hidden in subliminal messages throughout my paintings. I like to challenge the viewer to interact and decipher this implied symbolism.

In Cuba today, nothing is what it seems. Many can’t even remember what was. Eventually, change has to come. They hope and wait on this island frozen in time surviving in what is. I think all the time in what might have been. It is a shame
we will never know . 

Yet, I have great hopes for what could be…” – Margarita Cano

Where? Centre Gallery

  300 N.E. Second Ave, Miami

  Building 1, Floor 3

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