Photographs of the Pool Boy Pool Girl Competition at the Clevelander Marlins Stadium

This past weekend we had the privilege of attending an awesome competition that involved, twerking, swimsuits, beer pong, liquor and laughter otherwise referred to as just another day at The Clevelander at Marlins Park. We were asked to judge the Pool Boy and Pool Girl Competition and had an absolute blast. The Clevelander opened up a location at the Marlins Stadium, where fans can eat awesome food, drink, swim in the pool and get up close and personal with the sexy Marlin Energy Team. On any given day, you will experience in professional body painting, a kickass DJ and… oh ya,  a baseball game too. ;-)  The hopeful Pool Boys and Girls had to compete in aquatic baseball fetch, beer pong, interviews and a dance contest to win the crowns.  Allison and Corey pictured below in their victor robes earned the coveted titles. We loved this spot and will definitely be back to participate in more fun shenanigans.

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