Adventures of the Foodaholic’s 1 Year Anniversary Celebration at NoVe Kitchen & Bar

If you are looking for a verified, solid restaurant to devour some complimentary cuisine and drinks, do we have a marvelous tip for you! Find a food bloggers party and get your freeloading-ass on that coveted guest list!

We had the privilege of attending Maria, The Foodaholic’s, First Blogiversary celebration for Adventures of the Foodaholic at NoVe Kitchen and Bar on March 13th. Maria’s blog, ”Adventures of the Foodaholic”,  is a joy to peruse, loads of real informative reviews, solid tips and upcoming not-to-be-missed events.  One can sense the sincere passion she infuses in her eloquent, saliva-inducing prose. Sweet, vivacious and funny, Maria exudes a fabulous vibe. The restaurant put on quite a culinary show.

NoVe is a superb spot with a unique scrumptious slant on Asian cuisine possessing a wonderful ability to transform the ordinary into extraordinary.  It also has great, pet-friendly, outdoor seating perfect for enjoying Miami’s awesome weather.

The sampling opened with spicy edamame which was steamed, then quick tossed with garlic butter and japanese 7 spice powder.  The edamame was juicy and tangy with rich heat that left you yearning for another hit.

Foodaholic - 32

The next dish that caught our palates was the Calle Ocho roll made with skirt steak, black beans, avocado and fried plantains on top.  The Latin infused roll was hearty and just damn good. The sweet plantain topping brought the whole roll together splendidly.

Foodaholic - 38

We also had the pleasure of sampling a Chef Hiro Terada’s Original sushi roll, Peking Duck consisting of half roasted duck meat, avocado, and cream cheese, topped with crispy duck skin and served with duck wing and drum stick. sometimes when one orders a dish with duck the restaurant can be stingy with the meat but not at NoVe. This unique roll was overflowing with delectable duck and taste.

Foodaholic - 39

The highlight of the feast was definitely the Coconut Fried Shrimp. Some ingenious mad food scientist had the epiphany to add “house sweet sauce” which we ascertained could only be condensed milk, to this popular dish.  The result was a burst of mouthphoria. The shrimp were huge (for a shrimp, we mean), succulent, sweet, crispy, cooked perfectly with fried coconut all the way down to the tail (Yes, we sucked it off the tails.) This dish was beyond magnificent, we are talking “lick-the-styrofoam-bowl” good. In fact, we have a good mind to put some of this magic, house sweet sauce on everything. We may report back to you with some new discoveries. ;-).

Foodaholic - 34

Another favorite is our new friend Veronica Hurtado, brilliant creator of Sweet & Tipsy, the famously delicious, cocktail flavored cupcakes. Our two favorites were the Dulce Diosa (brown sugar cake infused with bacardi rum, topped with a dulce de leche butter cream frosting & fleur de sel.) and the Lazy Nina Colada (pineapple cake infused with malibu rum, topped with a coconut cream cheese frosting & sprinkled with toasted coconuts & dried pineapples) The Lazy Nina’s coconut cream cheese icing is so addictive that you would lick it off Rush Limbaugh’s ass.

Foodaholic - 27

We also enjoyed some palatable jam concoctions from Lenette Hernandez’ The Flavor Fusion. We really enjoyed the salami, goat cheese, and jam.

Foodaholic - 30


Stay tuned for more delicious reviews. Thank you Maria for having us! <3

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