Photographs by Bob Quesada of the “Cartas” multi-artist exhibition at Studio 1156 on 12/1/12.

This is from the gallery’s press release:

Studio 1156 was born out of the need of five people wanting to experience the world of painting.

Twelve years ago five people individually came to Jaime Ferrer asking for advice on different art projects they had in mind. They wanted to learn about painting and they were willing to cover the expenses of renting a place to be used as the studio in order for Ferrer to share his experience with them.

Ferrer and his wife Ximena took the challenge to be the guides, this was also an opportunity to prove his thoughts about learning, – “I believe that in the USA, schools became a crude business about money and not the right of people to learn” – and somehow the idea of trying an ancient Greek model was not so crazy.

This Studio is not open to the public and the only way to be part of it is by a referral of one of its members and the studio space available. Once you are in, you are treated as an individual and creative person, exposed to a professional artist with the intention of growing and learning about Fine Arts.

The exhibition “LETTERS” is part of a yearly tradition. A theme is chosen and all the participants of the group are invited to reflect and create a piece, which is shown to the open public at the end of the year. In 2012 the theme was “Letters”.


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