The 8th Annual Key Biscayne Wine, Food Fest & Silent Auction by Bob Quesada

The 8th Annual Key Biscayne Wine, Food Fest & Silent Auction at The Links at Key Biscayne featured an array of tables brimming with food delicacies created at 15 prominent South Florida restaurants.

Chefs paired their specialties with 13 varietal wines from the Old World and 13 wines from the New World supplied by Strategic Imports.

“The food tastings are diverse and designed to fit every palate. It includes taquitos al pastor, paella, roasted pig, Chinese cuisine, seafood, beef roast, bistro delicacies and an array of Spanish, Italian and Continental dishes to name a few,” Ruben Weisson, event chairman, said.

Participating restaurants included the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne, Novecento, The Island Café, Old Lisbon, Crepemaker, Xixon, Baklava, Chinois Chinois, La Moon, Tuto Mare, Puntino, Rusty Pelican, Archie’s, Doggi’s & More Café and The Links.

“In 1976 the wine world was turned upside down… it took place at the ‘Judgment of Paris,’ where, in a nutshell, Napa wines beat both Burgundy and Bordeaux in this unprecedented competition judged by French wine experts. Our wine tasting will be ever-so-slightly different in that we will be challenging Old World versus New World, just one varietal each.  This means we will be leveling the plane field in this competition. It is a little unfair for a Pinot Noir to compete against a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon,” Weisson said.

Eight guests were invited as “consumer judges” to taste both wines in each category.  The participants will decide which wines are the best from each varietal.  Their results will be compared to those of the professional judges.  Consumer judges provided a charitable donation of $50 towards the event’s fundraising goals. Charities benefiting from the event are ARC of South Florida and Fundacion Manos del Sur.

The “Best in Show” was the 2008 CAW Pinot Noir. Available at Stefano’s Wine and Liquor, Key Biscayne.

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