Mali Majesty: A Juneteenth Celebration 6/13/24

Mali Majesty: A Juneteenth Celebration
Thursday, 06/13/2024-, 07:30 pm-09:00 pm
MDC's Wolfson Campus Auditorium
300 Northeast 2nd Avenue, Building 1, Room 1261,
Miami, Florida, 33132
Cost: $25.00

Embark on a captivating journey through the rich history of Mali, West Africa, in this exhilarating show brought to life by the mesmerizing performances of Souleymane Sana who hails from Mali, West Africa, Delou Africa Dance Ensemble, and the talented ensemble Djoli Kelen of Atlanta in celebration of Juneteenth.

From the legendary empires of Mali to its vibrant modern culture, immerse yourself in the stories, music, and dance that have shaped this remarkable land. Join us as we celebrate Mali's legacy through soul-stirring songs, electrifying dances, and captivating narratives that span centuries.

Experience the rhythm of the djembe, the grace of traditional dances, and the soulful melodies of the kora and balafon that echo through the corridors of time. Let Souleymane Sana's powerful voice and movement along with Djoli Kelen's infectious energy transport you to the heart of Mali, where every beat tells a story and every step honors a legacy.

Don’t miss an unforgettable exploration of Mali’s past, present, and future; a celebration of resilience, creativity, and the enduring spirit of a nation. Mali Majesty is a Juneteenth celebration presented by Delou Africa, Inc., Live Arts Miami, and Miami Dade College.