Onajide Shabaka Miami Walking Studio 2/24/24

Onajide Shabaka Miami Walking Studio
Saturday, 02/24/2024-, 11:00 am-01:00 pm
Palmetum, North Campus, Miami Dade College
11380 NW 27th Avenue,
Miami, Florida, 33167
Cost: $15

Join artist Onajide Shabaka as he leads you on a Miami Walking Studio at MDC North Campus’s Palmetum. This hidden garden will serve as your art studio for the day. Perusing the Palmetum, you’ll see the natural environment and all that it holds through a new lens. You’ll use its found items including leaves, twigs, and seeds, not only as inspiration, but also as artistic tools, applied in concert with more traditional tools and techniques, such as Polaroid photography, drawing, and charcoal, as you create your own unique works of art that you are invited to take home.